eco-camping, your eco-chic holiday in agde


Cottage Parks, which has been managing the campsite since May 2021, wishes to carry out major transformations at the Camping de la Tamarissière and diversify the range of accommodation on offer.

In order to live up to the high expectations of the holidaymakers of La Tamarissière, here are the values of the concept as Cottage Parks imagines it.


Eco as in ecology.
Take advantage of the nature that surrounds us, to be able to observe it, to contemplate it thanks to the long views put at disposal in certain accommodations. A promise of tranquillity and rest, a rejuvenating stay in this unspoilt area of the Agatha coast.
The birds, the squirrels in the woods, the insects in the dunes, the smell of the pines, the little snakes on the edges of the greens, the cackling of our feathered friends, the cicadas singing, you will also discover the magnificent colours of the flowers in all seasons.
Logement cottage park - Camping en nature - VERDISSE - TAMARISSIERE


The decoration is carefully done in the accommodations, the accessories are second-hand or diverted, the furniture is second-hand, all in a bohemian chic atmosphere which characterizes us.
The materials are selected, sometimes recovered on site, recycled for a second life. We can do something for the environment while combining charm and comfort.
In 2023, some accommodations will be equipped with outdoor beds, a good way to relax amidst refined cushions.

The place of the family

For François Cros, director of the campsite and father of six children, family reunions are essential. Meals with all the members of the family are always the convivial and inter-generational rendez-vous that you can find in a traditional campsite like La Tama. Always around regional products! He attaches great importance to happy family gatherings.


This value influences the choice in future accommodation. There must be space to bring everyone together and activities to create lasting memories.

activities for all

The playground is huge! There are many possibilities to delight young and old, together or separately.


The entertainment is chosen to fill all the important moments of your holiday, but we know that at La Tama they are the kings of the dance parties.


On holiday, it is the best time to try new activities in symbiosis with nature.
Yoga on the beach is one of the most popular activities at the Tama, where you can relax and enjoy the blue sea, the sea breeze and the sea spray… Let yourself be tempted!
Gi Qong, sylvotherapy as an activity out of the ordinary.
For the traditional ones, we have team sports on the beautiful beach of La Tamarissière.


The outdoor hotel industry is changing. New campers expect more service, quality and freedom after two complicated years.

We wanted to offer the possibility of organising surprises and pleasing friends and family, even in a large establishment. It is important to recreate the convivial link so well known in the campsite, often forgotten in the big structures.


The “comptoir des vadrouilles” was created for this purpose.

the human aspect

The holidaymakers are very important in our thinking. All the projects are based on pleasing the new generations without forgetting the old.

Around these programmes, there are men and women of all backgrounds, all generations, with different professions, all invested in making your holidays a success.


The possibility of evolution, of creating jobs, the capacity of initiative are the key of our company.





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