Dog-friendly campsite in Agde, Occitania

La tamarissière,
dogfriendly campsite

A campsite accessible to all, even to doggies !

A beautiful holiday with his dog in Agde in Hérault

Going on holiday with your family, in a natural campsite by the sea in the South of France, is great. And a holiday with your dog is also great!


At La Tamarissière campsite in Agde, we believe that your dog should be part of the holiday. That’s why our campsite is dogfriendly and has been awarded the qualidog label by the leading website Emmène ton chien.


Your four-legged friend accompanies and supports you on a daily basis, so why shouldn’t he also have the right to enjoy his holiday with you?

Where to go on holiday with your dog?

At La Tamarissière of course, for a successful holiday with your dog by the sea!


Going on holiday with your dog is not always easy. Even with the best will in the world, when you don’t know well the region where you are going on holiday, the organisation of a holiday with your dog gives rise to many questions and even difficulties. Our aim is to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can plan your holiday with your dog in Agde in the Hérault region, in Occitania, with complete peace of mind.


After reading the following lines, you will be able to have an idea of the activities to enjoy with your dog during your summer holidays, discover the authorised dog beach campsite where you will stay as well as the holiday rentals with dog available in our 3-star campsite, nestled in the heart of a protected pine forest.

chien camping la tamarissière agde
camping dogfriendly agde

La Tamarissière,
camping dog accepted

The 3 star campsite La Tamarissière in Agde is dogfriendly and has the qualidog label. Its location is ideal for holidays with your dog in the south of France.


Indeed, the campsite La Tamarissière is located in the heart of a protected and preserved pine forest offering you a natural and soothing setting. The shade of the large pine trees provides a pleasant coolness for you and your dog during the summer.
Another advantage is that La Tamarissière has direct access to a long, wide, sandy beach. The Clôt beach is the only beach on the Agatha coastline that is accessible to dogs, even during the summer.
Finally, the exceptional natural setting of our eco-responsible campsite in the Hérault is completed by the verdisses. Adjacent to the campsite and accessible on foot, this preserved natural area offers you a privileged setting for walks with your dog while meeting the local fauna and flora.


In short, you will have understood that Camping La Tamarissière has all the qualities to spend a wonderful holiday with your dog.

Life at the campsite with a dog,
the rules to respect

To make life at camping with dogs enjoyable for everyone, we ask you to respect a few basic rules:
  • For your holiday rental with dog, we only accept one dog per furnished accommodation. For caravan, motorhome and tent pitches, the number is not limited.

  • 1st and 2nd category dogs are not allowed on the campsite. This includes 1st category “attack dogs” with pitbulls, boerbulls and Tosa type and 2nd category “guard and defence dogs” with Rottweiler, Tosa and American Staffordshire.

  • Pets are your responsibility and must be kept on a lead on the campsite. Dogs or cats must be tied up even on your pitch, terrace or around your accommodation.

  • A valid health record will be requested on arrival and your pet must wear a collar.

  • Owners must pick up after their pets to keep the campsite clean and respect its inhabitants.

Dogfriendly facilities

At our dog-friendly campsite in the Occitanie region, we provide you with all the essentials to make your dog feel at home.


A doggy bar is available at the reception with water. You will also find points in the bar and restaurant where your pet can quench its thirst.


You also have access to a shower to rinse your pet after swimming and walking, and poop bags are available at the reception.


As you can see, we want the whole family to have an excellent stay at our 3-star campsite in Agde, in the Hérault region, and we haven’t forgotten your pet.

What activities can I do on holiday with my dog in South of France ?

vacance avec son chien.jpg

The Camping La Tamarissière accepts dogs, and outside you have plenty to enjoy too!


Around La Tamarissière first of all, you have several places to walk with your dog.
Behind the campsite there is a large nature reserve where you can walk with your pet on a lead.
The large beach at La Tamarissière (plage du Clôt) allows dogs off-leash out of season, from September to April. In season, they are only allowed off-leash from 7am to 9am and from 7pm to 9pm. Ideal for a short walk or swim!


For those who are crazy about walking in the countryside with their dog, the region is full of possibilities:

  • Canal du Midi
  • Lac du Salagou
  • Étang de Thau
  • Cirque de Mourèze
  • Les Gorges d’Héric
  • Cascade d’Agaras
The Mediterranean coast is also known for its many water sports and activities. Take the plunge and share some of them with your pet to strengthen your bond and leave with a head and phone full of unforgettable memories of holidays with your dog:  

Our teams are all dog lovers! They will be happy to tell you about all the activities you can do with your pet. We also know groomers, vets and specialist shops in the area if you need them.

Unusual weekend with your dog

Thanks to its exceptional setting, between the Mediterranean Sea and the wilderness, as well as its unusual accommodation and exceptional lodgings, Camping La Tamarissière in Agde on the Languedoc coast, is ideal for a weekend with your dog.


The aim is to disconnect from everyday life and to build beautiful memories of a family holiday with your dog.

Our holiday rentals with dog

What does your ideal holiday look like?


Whether you’re a fan of traditional camping in a caravan, van, camper van or tent or whether you’re looking for a more unusual or comfortable experience, close to nature, you’ve come to the right place.


La Tamarissière campsite in Agde, in the Hérault region, offers a wide choice of pitches and rentals with dogs for your eco-friendly nature holiday by the sea.

In the heart of nature

Our Accommodations

Luxury cottages

We’ve taken exceptional care when siting this accommodation, immersing it in the natural surroundings. We’ve also perfected the decoration and facilities to give you a luxury setting to reconnect with those you love.

Take a look at our new accommodation.

Boheme Lodges

With its canvas and wood structure, the Boheme Lodge will take you on a journey and plunge you into a Safari atmosphere…
Traditional Accommodation

Our Traditional accommodation is a campsite classic, a chalet-style option where you can spend quality time with your family. This simple yet well-equipped accommodation will meet all your requirements, and is great value for money

Tent-style accommodation

The perfect compromise between a caravan and a tent, our Wood & Canvas and Escapade Tent accommodation is a real bargain. They don’t have their own bathrooms, sothey still have that camping feel, and you can enjoy the village atmosphere of the shared washing facilities.

Precautions for holidays with your dog

Beware of heat stroke!


In Agde, in the heart of the Hérault region, on the Languedoc coast, temperatures rise quickly when the sun comes out. While this is great for a nice family holiday by the sea, it can be more difficult for your four-legged friend.


For your dog’s well-being, make sure he drinks regularly. You can also get him wet or bathe him to cool him down. Also remember to adjust the times of your walks and to choose shady places. Beware also of tarmac roads and paths where the temperature rises very quickly and can cause serious burns to your dog’s paws. When it is 25°C, the tarmac already reaches 52°C. We’ll let you imagine in the middle of summer…

Beware of processionary caterpillars!


Camping La Tamarissière in Agde is nestled in the heart of a magnificent pine forest. If this enchanting setting is divine for a beautiful family holiday, you will have to watch out for processionary caterpillars in spring. The processionary caterpillars are numerous around the pines at this time of year, and can be very dangerous for your dog. Processionary caterpillars have very stinging hairs which cause very strong allergic reactions in dogs. In the most severe cases, anaphylaxis can lead to death if the dog cannot breathe properly. If the tongue is affected, it will rapidly necrose and may need to be removed.


Processionary caterpillars move in groups, one behind the other, which makes them easy to spot. So keep an eye on your surroundings to avoid contact between them and your dog. If your dog shows signs of discomfort and scratches its mouth, take it to the nearest veterinarian as a matter of urgency to avoid fatal complications.

Be careful with salt water!


The beach of La Tamarissière is accessible to dogs, a real pleasure for your pooch who will be able to have a nice swim. However, make sure that he does not drink salt water to avoid intoxication. Salt water can cause digestive or nervous disorders.

After each swim, we strongly recommend rinsing your dog with fresh water to avoid any allergic reaction or skin irritation.


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